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Meet Natalie

Natalie B. is a multidisciplinary floral designer, educator & third generation arranger known for her free-flowing floral style & evolutionary arranging philosophies.


Inspired most when forging creative connections, Natalie's unique floral practice finds rhythm around community. 


Natalie's custom floral designs ignite atmosphere & conversation in the places where we gather. Her workshops & online community invite us to share in the ritual of arranging, a practice that designs daily life with everyday beauty.

Underlying Energies



Sagittarius ↑☀

Taurus ☽

HUMAN DESIGN:   Manifesting Generator 6/2


ENNEAGRAM:   Social 2w3





My arranging practice & floral services are deeply social & rooted in the joy of shared experiences. As an arranger, I shape each design in free-flowing conversation with its surroundings. I want to invent something that tells a story, that makes the space come alive. Because it's never just about creating a flower arrangement, but arranging flowers to create atmosphere, spark conversation & connection.

Vision is the foundation of my arranging philosophies & the spirit that lives in each of my designs. Flowers are a medium through which we can make contact with our inner world & translate vision into form. Arranging connects us to the most precious aspect of our humanness, our desire to make everyday beauty synonymous with daily life. Arranging is a ritual spoken in flowers, the universal language of beauty that connects us all.

Natalie B.

Get to Know Natalie

one of our hands down favorite floral designers.

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The ritual begins

Flowers run deep in my family. Three generations to be exact. My grandmother was a florist in San Francisco in the 1930s, running flower shops in the lobbies of The Fairmont & Mark Hopkins hotels. My mother, a talented garden designer, taught me the art of arranging at an early age.


By age six, I hosted my first arranging party & I've been hosting flower workshops ever since. My enchantment with flowers has always been a part of me. In fact, laying in the garden is my earliest memory.

But I wasn't always certain I'd follow in my family's floral tradition. In fact, when I left for college to study industrial design, I was set on a different kind of future.

Deep Dive

The ritual evolves

But as history would have it, my studies only further emboldened me to explore arranging more deeply than ever before, ultimately leading to the discovery of my unique take on floral design. 


My approach is a culmination of knowledge & experience that combines design principles adapted from architecture, fashion, art & nature with free-flowing inspiration from my surroundings. My perspective, like my work, is always evolving.


finding Rhythm in the Ritual

Movement, seasonality, color, texture, everything carries a beat & tells part of the story. When I create an arrangement, I follow a personal rhythm rather than a formula, utilizing my own set of personal principles.


My vision is always to create a design that relates deeply to the space that it's in. Because it's not just about making an arrangement, it's about understanding the space, flowing with it, bringing intention to it & building atmosphere around it.

gathering as shared ritual

I’m drawn to floral design by my desire to create, but also to educate. I operate less like a traditional florist & more like a creative shop where flowers do the storytelling. Because floral design has a way of being so many things. It can be a quiet meditative practice, an immersive atmosphere, a reason to connect, but flowers are also a bit like people. We have memories associated with them. Flowers are a universal language, a way of saying things best without uttering a word. They often become the thing that brings us closer together. 

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