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Natalie B. is a floral designer & educator in the art of arranging flowers

Her own style has a great sense of balance.
Her arrangements are lush without ever seeming over-the-top.


Natalie B. 
An expert in fWe're a full service floral design studio celebrating the art of arranging flowers. We create, but we also educate.

Flowers run deep in my family. Three generations to be exact. My enchantment with flowers goes as far back as I can remember. In fact, laying in the garden is my first memory. At age six, I decided it was finally time to host my first flower arranging party, assisted only by my mother, a talented garden designer born of my grandmother with whom it all began. She was a florist in San Francisco in the 1940s, operating flower shops in the lobbies of The Fairmont & Mark Hopkins hotels. Fast forward back to today, and it's no surprise my X-year-old son X already has a knack for arranging, catching that same mystical aroma carried here from a century ago when our fancy for flowers began.

An unquenchable design enthusiast, I studied Industrial Design in college, a path I initially believed would find me in a tailored suit, stepping into a fashionable office where flowers were a side note rather than the focus. Instead, as family history would have it, I took what I learned & used it to explore my passion more deeply, adapting design principles from architecture, fashion, art & nature into a floral design perspective that was truly & finally my own.

My floral designs are ever evolving. No two are ever the same, but together share collective commonalities: natural rhythm, movement, seasonality, color, texture & an inherent sense of place, a point of inspiration I draw directly from setting & surroundings to create designs that create  unity & build atmosphere.

My approach to floral design is less like a traditional florist & more like a creative floral design studio, where flowers just so happen to be my signature storytelling medium. My passion for floral design is driven by my desire to create, but also to educate & share the art of arranging flowers. Because when it comes down to it, flowers just have a way of saying everything best.

Moving towards:

Custom floral designs
Flowers as storytelling
Immersive floral education (workshops, training & mentorship)
Vibey dinner parties & curated place settings 
The scent of handmade ceremonial herb bundles at first spark
Creative collaborations that fill both cups
Antique vessels
Seasonal blooms
Nature's rhythm

Away from:
One-off flower deliveries
One-size-fits-all bouquets
Weddings (We make exceptions, just ask!)
Filler flowers

Natalie's floral design practice is unique. Her work is driven by her passion to create, but also educate.

hether it's a custom centerpiece & cocktail garnishes for an intimate dinner party, a window display for a retail location, or full service design for a large scale event, Natalie's menu of floral design services offers flexibility & range. Unlike traditional florists or flower shops, Natalie strays away from bouquets & 

Natalie's floral design services range from small-scale to Natalie's floral designs servicesWhether it's a custom centerpiece & cocktail garnishes 
for an intimate dinner party, a window display for a retail location, or full service floral design for a large scale event, Natalie's floral design services range from full service to & always inclusive, but less one-off. So while wWhether it's a custom arrangement for an intimate dinner party, a window display for retail, or full service floral design for a large scale event, Natalie's offers a full service menu of  Natalie floral design capabilities range from full serviecfor  range of ,  don’t carry inventory for single deliveries. We recommend from  Our primary focus is events and accounts therefore we don’t carry inventory for single deliveries. We recommend Her practice iSharing her which is why from her  which makes a business  is why the traditional florist path with signature bouquets never did quite suit.  path never did quite suit.  opening a flower shop with signature bouquets never felt quite like her calling.  won't find her florists offer signature bouquets, but  but her philosophies & imagination are  ever evolvingFor Natalie, floral design isn't about following a formula, it's about following the inspiration & meeting understanding following the inspiration & using philosophies  It's about staying open to inspiration, what inspires you & trusting following the inspiration & trusting where it will lead you.
as an inventive mediumflowers as an art informed & inventive design perspective to greater explore her floral design passion.  explore her  adapted her studies into an inventive perspective for  her studies into an empassioned  inventive  perspective to explore her passion floral design, inviting principles from architecture, fashion & art into an inventive perspective, informs & continually evolves her work today.  approach to floral design.
perspectiveexpansive approach to floral design perspective that defines her work today.  with inventive design principles for  which to approacan inventive perspective & for which for whichfloral design perspective where her and imaginative perspective for whichfo floral design perspective.  design perspective for which & design perspective with touch points across architecture, fashion, art & nature, into  principles Her floral designs are This training & perspective directly informs Natalie's floral designs,  which  balancing movement & structure, which are a delicate balance of are key aspects of her floral designs in college, a perspective & training that bring that has  that brings structure, movement & balance to her floral designs. &  that echoes through her floral designs & she imagined her career would find her stepping into a tailored suit and office where flowers were a side note. 

and flowers would be a side note. As it turned out, she stepped into both.

believed but for a while, she believed flowers would be an accent saw herself stepping into a  flowers would Natalie studied Industrial Design and this training and viewpoint comes through in her work. She loves all aspects of design and gathers her inspiration from architecture, fashion, art and nature. When Natalie, who’s family has lived in California for over 100 years, isn’t designing away in her SOMA floral studio, you will most likely find her traveling

when l hotels had lobby flower shops. She in where she arranged flowers at specialfor specialty flower keeping at specialty shops around the city, including  San Francisco Fairmont Hotel. Standing at her kitchen sink arranging cuttings from her garden, Natalie watches as her son [NAME] readies his little hands to help, catching the spell from that same mystical aroma, carried that only fresh seasonal flowers  
wn son catches that same mystical aroma carried here from nearly a century ago when our for the same stemsAs she cuts flowers  For a long time Natalie's grandmother was alBut this The daughter of a talented garden designer & granddaughter of a florist, floral design runs in the family, though Natalie ran with it a little different. 

Enchanted with organizing since her childhood, Marie began her tidying consultant business as a 19-year-old university student in Tokyo. Today, Marie is a renowned tidying expert helping people around the world to transform their cluttered homes into spaces of serenity and inspiration.


We're a creative design studio with a knack for arranging flowers

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Take your time in the center, the place where all things meet. Getting grounded makes exploring out second nature.

I relate my work to the space that it’s in. It’s not about just making an arrangement, it’s about moving in the space with intention, creating atmosphere & rhythm.



Natalie B.

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